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Baryta Carb

Helps enhance memory Helps with tonsillitis and associated symptoms Helps manage the tendency to talk and twitch during sleep *সকল প্রকার Q,30,200,1m ঔষধ গুলো লিটার ফাইল থেকে ঢেলে 30ml এর পটে ইনটেক করে দেওয়া হয়।

Eryngium Aquaticum Dilution

Eryngium Aquaticum Dilution Eryngium Aquaticum Dilution is a homeopathic tonic which acts on the mucous membranes causing thick discharges from

Phytolacca Berry Q Mother Tincture

Product highlights
  • Helps in weight loss and reducing excess fat
  • Can improve digestion and metabolism
  • Helpful in managing appetite and boosting energy
  • May help against fungal infection, tonsilitis, etc.